Thursday, November 14, 2013

Topics? Groups?

No need to post a reply to this, but for tonight I want to you to consider a topic that you want to explore next week, and one or two people from class that you would be willing to work with.  

Here are some possible topics, but you can definitely explore beyond this.  For the creative people in the class, topics that have strong visual and artistic representations would be great to explore here.

Civil War and Reconstruction Topics

Black soldiers in the Civil War – the real “Glory” story? -- Zion, Meghan?
Rebuilding the South – Richmond, images after the Civil War
Romanticizing the South – the Gone with the Wind approach
Blackface minstrelsy - Paxi, Christina
Lynching -- Jenn, Giselle, Zoe
Freedman’s Bureau schools
The Great Migration
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Chain Gangs – pre-prison labor?
Controversies about education – Booker T. Washington v. W.E.B DuBois - Gwen, Tracy, Laura
Beginnings of Pan-Africanism – Marcus Garvey
The KKK – the world’s earliest terror organization?
Mary Surratt execution
The Birth of a Nation – propaganda and film

Go West, Young Man – Homesteaders

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